Case Studies



Design, build, and integrate a Wi-Fi network that improved coverage, capacity, and roaming within budget.

We performed a site survey and network analysis, from which we designed and deployed a 41 Node, indoor/outdoor, dual band network.

Our solution provided:

  • RF planning
  • Additional AP’s
  • Omni and directional antennas
  • Frequency and channel design
  • 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • Multi-radio AP’s installed in cluster zones to improve system capacity and scalability
  • Cloud based management system to allow for:
    • Network status and operational management
    • Software deployment
    • Roaming optimization
    • Frequency and channel optimization
    • Decommissioned existing Wi-Fi network
    • Installed and integrated new system 

System performance was validated throughout the summer season, with exceptional results.