Case Studies

Utility Pole oDAS/Small Cell/5G

We developed installation and implementation detail and performed a mock install at the Utility Company practice yard. Utility approved, and our crews are in full field deployment.

Our solution provided:

  • Project management
    • Design sheet validation
    • Equipment receipt and Inventory
  • Pre-build and testing (sweep/PIM) in a warehouse environment
  • Scheduling and managing field teams (Utility, Traffic Control, etc…)
  • Single deployment remote (pole) equipment installation services:
    • Field crew with bucket truck
    • Radio chassis
    • Antenna array
  • AC service, weather-head to radio chassis
  • Grounding system, multiple rods with Cad-Weld interface
  • CRAN BBU and fiber installation
  • Remote fiber installation, testing (OTDR), and Integration
  • Closeout package with photos and test results