Case Studies

Dedicated Technical Services


Provide a tailored turnkey solution that would create single point accountability, while improving quality and lowering costs.

We performed a preliminary bid meeting with the customer, from which we designed and deployed a dedicated services solution.

Our solution provided:

  • Project management
  • Dedicated PM working at customer’s office
  • Circuit delivery management from end to end
  • Customer meetings for improved communication
  • Scheduled and managed field technicians
  • LEC circuit provisioning
  • Dedicated provisioner working at customer’s office
  • Materials management
  • Additional materials management to remove from customer responsibility
  • Field services team
  • Dedicated team of field techs and self-performed services
  • Techs in uniform and marked fleet vehicles
  • Support for capacity spikes with over time and additional techs as needed
  • On-call services
  • Additional on-call services to support OEM with network integration per customer request

Services provided for nearly 18 months with no quality issues or a single integration being re-scheduled.